Stopping the spread of GERMS

We are very hygiene conscious at Maid in the Hills. A little hygiene awareness can go a long way in protecting your family and ours from getting sick.

Coughing, sneezing and misery are a part of many households these days as cold and flu season kicks into high gear. For us something we are unlikely to avoid. So we need to have procedures and policies in place to protect everyone.

Germ-proofing your home

One thing I can’t stress enough to the team of cleaners is to wash your hands. Often. After each wet area and randomly through out the clean to prevent the spread of germs to each area of the home.

Close the loo and then flush! Did you know?!! When you flush the toilet with the lid up, you can launch germs into the air. With them landing on the door, surfaces and handles as well as (gasp!) toothbrushes! Yep yuck! Our team are trained to shut the lid before flushing to helo elimibate any dangerous micro-organisms from spreading around the room.

We have a process when cleaning to tackle the frequently touched points through out your home. Certain items in your home receive lots of love from hands, and these spots tend to harbor a wealth of germs. So we clean these as we move through your home including faucets and refrigerator handles, light switches, doorknobs and rails.

We tend to clean with anti-bacterial sprays and a microfiber cloth. The surfaces in your home are sprayed with the solution, we wait for the disinfectant to do its job and then we wipe it clean to remove the residue. The disinfectants need to be let to sit for the specified time of the product to ensure they have time to work and effectively kill the germs.

We don’t use the same cleaning cloths or sponges from one area of your home in the next, used cloths are placed into a laundry bag or bucket to be taken back to our home for washing. As we clean the fibres trap the germs and bacteria, as we move through your home cleaning We have a number of fresh cloths to use to eliminate spreading the germs around. Once the cloth is used they are retired until they have been washed, dried naturally (in the sun when possible) and folded. Once the cloth is dried it’s ready to be used again. Cloths and sponges are strip washed and regularly replaced with new ones when they become old and worn to ensure they are still working correctly.

Our mopping systems have replaceable mop heads. Allowing us to have a clean fresh mop head for each house we clean. If your house is particularly dirty you tend to replace the mopping water and solution several times to ensure the floors are being cleaned thoroughly.

Our cleaners all carry a vacuum cleaner with them in the event you don’t have one, yours isn’t working well or something goes wrong on cleaning day. It’s preferred for us to use yours for hygiene reasons. Canisters are emptied after each clean to avoid cross contamination of houses, however filters, brushes and bags are cleaned on a maintenance schedule as they can’t be cleaned between cleans as the vacuum cleaner is rendered useless until it’s dried once cleaned.

We believe it’s important to kill germs through out your home when we clean for the safety of your family and ours.

Clean is our aim! And we aim to please.