Weekends weren’t made for housework!

Growing up Dad worked out of the home, often days away at a time. While Mum stayed at home, raised us kids and kept the fort in top shape. I’ll be honest though, I don’t actually have many memories of mum spending her weekends cleaning. Yet the towels were always fresh, the bed linen crisp, dishes done and floors glistening.

Looking back on it now, I wonder did she have a cleaning fairy? Or was she just superwoman! Mum just had a great routine on keeping order within the home. I’m not surprised now that I have inherited this same pride in keeping house and weekends free of those weekly, monthly and yearly cleaning tasks! Thanks Mum.

It turns out these jobs, Mum was getting them done because they need doing whether she liked it or not, with a lot of us these days falling into the “not” category.

There are certainly jobs around the home, you can choose to ignore for a few extra weeks. You could angle the blinds so the dust isn’t noticable. You could wait a few weeks before putting fresh bed sheets on to the bed, but thankfully with our busy lives it’s now easier and a lot more unacceptable to outsource the housework.

What does having a regular cleaner do for your life? More than just cleaning our home thats for sure! It helps take the stress out of spending your weekend cleaning and guilt out of enjoying the special moments of your life passing by. Each weekend spend cleaning is a weekend lost making fabulous memories with your nearest and dearest.

I often get asked how often should I do this? How do I stay on top of that? Whats your routine? How do you keep house? How often should I be cleaning  things in the home?

What you could do Daily?

If you like the feeling of a tidy and organised home, there’s definitely things that need to be done every day. If you don’t have time to do it? This is the work of a housekeeper. Definitely a service we offer our clients.

These tasks includes things like making the bed, putting away clothes, washing the dishes, wiping down kitchen bench tops after each use, cooking, cleaning up spills as they happen and doing a quick tidy and restore of spaces once or twice a day to keep everything in order.

Somewhere between your daily tasks and those things you achieve weekly you will need to take care of the washing. You need to consider the time taken to wash, dry, fold and put away the washing! Are you staying on top of your washing? All our cleaners are happy to throw a load on for you whilst they work through your other tasks. Just let us know how we can help.

What are the common weekly tasks?

Based on experience the most common tasks we do for our clients weekly include dusting, vacuuming, mopping, changing the bed sheets, cleaning the bathrooms and toilets, wiping down mirrors and kitchen appliances such as the microwave.

Those big overwhelming chores, ideally done monthly

Like the dusty blinds, cobwebbed cornices, finger printed walls, cleaning windows, wiped kitchen cupboard fronts and vacuuming your bed. These are those big jobs that tend to get pushed aside until they’re overdue. We should be doing these chores around once a month for your home be looking it’s best and for health.

Just when you think we have covered everything. There are those tasks that should be getting done once or twice a year. Things like your oven, fridge, rangehood, air vents, fans, lights, skirting boards, window and door tracks which need a good clean. It definitely sounds exhausting doesn’t it. Are you too exhausted to bother? Are you too busy and can’t stay on top of things? This is when a Spring Clean service would come in handy.

There are no magic ways to keep a home clean and tidy. It takes lots of time and effort – I’m not surprised with the number of bookings we take in each week with more and more people are choosing to outsource these jobs rather than spend their weekend scrubbing!

Use your time wisely. You don’t get it back! Call us today to relieve some of your stress and guilt.

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