Apply today to join our Team

We are always looking for the very best and the brightest peopke to be a part of our team! We have exceptional standards and a stringent hiring process.

We don’t want this to be a blind date though, so here is some insight on how we operate.

The great things about joining team Maid in the Hills

Our work days are typically Monday through to Friday, with the first house starting at 8.30am and the last house usually ending between 3-4pm.  We are flexible and are willing to work with pretty much any schedule, simply let us know what hours/days you are available and we can work from that. They better your availability the more hours we can offer you.

After training is completed, between 1-2 weeks, I supply you with a kit. Maid in the Hills cover the cost of the kit as long as you work with the company for at least three months. Otherwise the cost is deducted from your wages. The kit is valued at $150.

Kit inculdes –
2 buckets
Glass, bathroom, kitchen and multi sprays
Toilet gel
Mop and bucket
Cloths and a few other things

You are responsible for replacement/refill of any products you use to get the job done after the initial kit is used. You need to take a vacuum in case the client doesn’t have one.

Cleaning is anywhere in the Perth Hills (Wundowie down to midland across to Lesmurdie and we have just branched out to Ellenbrook). Though I do tend to try keep you working as close to home as possible. Unless its a spring or vacate clean.

You need to be able provide or obtain and provide a current police clearance.

Payday is every Monday.

Let’s be realistic

Your job will be making dirty things clean.  Scubbing toilets, washing dishes, doing laundry, picking up after clients, scrubbing ovens, polishing furniture, taking out trash, you name it and you will clean it.

Sometimes there’s electricity (i.e. air conditioning) and running water (i.e. flushable toilet), sometimes there’s not.

Sometimes you have to carry really heavy items such as your vacuum or dust cob webs with spiders still on them. Spiders love the Hills area.

This isn’t for everyone and that’s o.k., we just ask that you are honest with yourself and us if you are ready for the challenges that this job entails.  If you are, then please proceed to fill out an application to join us!  If not, is there someone you know that loves to clean and might be interested?  Send them our way and we’ll take care of them!

Looking forward to hearing from you. Please submit your details via the below form.